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 Esports Sport Academy  Coordinator: Dr. Andy Miah 
(Grait Britain - Chair in Science Communication and Future Media University of Salford Manchester expert in Esports Media & Technology)

E-Sports is a form of sport competition using video games. In recent times, E-Sports careers are more than just playing video games, it is a profession covering technical areas like software developers, game designers, industry areas like producers, marketing and many more opportunities.

The Esports Village Academy trains and develops talents for the up-and-coming Esports industry. Careers opportunities are diverse, ranging from gameplayers, to the more business sides of E-sports event planners, stage officers, Esports marketing officers, Esports cometition caster and narrators, and alsomore technical oriented area like Esports technical support officiers.

Esport Village Academy in coperation and under guidelines of WSU  integrates competition and performance, scientific and technological innovation, competitive sports, leisure sports, forum activities, education and training. Esport Village Academ links up top game developers, enriches network platforms, matches international electric sports venues and leisure sports centers, and is stationed in authoritative sports brand competitions and audio-visual carnivals, realizing the gathering of electric sports industry and entrepreneurship, leading the diversified development path of combining electronic sports with digital entertainment, creating local business cards and enabling. High-tech industry promotes the integration and development of public sports and e-sports industry.



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